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Kitagami Fumio

  • T.177 B.88 W.78 H.92 S27.0
  • Date of birth: 1973 / 09 / 28
  • Birthplace: Gunma, Japan
  • Bloodtype: B
  • Special skills: Cooking, DIY
  • Photo:Ⓒikue tanaka



ea-works Co.,Ltd

Satoshi Iino/President

First class architect registered No.325039

  • 1968born in Yokohama, Kanagawa-ken
  • 1992graduated from Art and Architecture School of Waseda University
  • 1992sou yukihiko architectural design office
  • 1992CORE design office for architecture and urban design
  • 1996Ryoji Suzuki Architect and Partners
  • 1997A Factory design office
  • 1999adLb architecture+design Laboratory inc., co-founding and joint corporate management
  • 2006ea-works, establishment a senior registered architect office
  • 2018ea-works co., ltd., change of legal form

  • 2006~2007refurbishment consultant for andesign Co.,ltd.
  • 2007~2009architect consultant for GIKEN
  • 2006~architect consultant for NOI Corporation


All business divisions of ea-works can be summed up by the term “presentation of the power of communication”. At the first glance the three divisions “architecture”, “art design” and “artist” appear to be totally different from each other though they are principally based on the same logic.


In most of the cases architecture implies people or facilities using the particular spaciousness. When it comes to the design and planning of a building - in the purpose of living space or in a commercial way - family structures or hobbies as well as requirements regarding the space itself or the services, that are going to be offered, have got to be discussed with the clients, figured out together through dialogue and implemented accordingly.


The design of people is a new service of ea-works. We educate and supply the human resources that are demanded by the entertainment industries - on TV, movies, online or SNS.

art design

Aside from architecture and the design of people we also focus on other forms of design. Just imagine yourself planning your own store. Not only the layout is of particular importance but also the interior direction which is creating the atmosphere. Furthermore the design of the shop sign, the homepage or printed media like catalogs has got to be planned. Through communication we conceive the particular wishes and requirements and develop design and solutions.

The varieties of output provided by ea-works are multifaceted and divers but they are all realized through communication which is providing the necessary content.
Regardless of whether it is about private individuals or corporations, we always thrive for developing new opportunities through communication and design.
From people to houses. From houses to the city. From the city to the region. From the region to society.


Meguro-ku, Ohashi 2-3-8 Lucent Court Ikejiri Ohashi 2F
154-0004 Tokyo, Japan Map

Tel: 03-6804-9651 Fax: 03-6804-9650

service details/

  • Planning, design and supervising of architectural and interior projects
  • Consulting regarding architecture and real estate
  • Planning and design of exhibits for national and international conventions
  • Management and training of human resources regarding actors and talents
  • Design of graphics and furniture design
  • Planning, design and operation of restaurants
  • Any projects and inquiries relating to topics mentioned above.